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Setting the Benchmark for Safety

Established with a vision to protect lives from the hazards of fire and carbon monoxide, Smoke Alarms has been at the forefront of home safety solutions since its inception. Our legacy is rooted in innovation, pioneering technologies, and relentless pursuit of excellence. From the conception of our first sensor to our latest market-leading innovations, our journey has been a continuous exploration of potential, driving us to set new benchmarks in residential safety.

Our Innovation-Driven History

Our timeline is marked by numerous firsts. Smoke Alarms took the lead in innovating and implementing sophisticated sensor technology for detecting threats like smoke and carbon monoxide. We introduced wireless RF mesh connectivity to ensure seamless network, while our Easi-Fit installation process and cutting-edge battery technology brought simplicity and longevity to our devices.

Manufacturing Excellence and Quality Assurance

Smoke Alarms holds its manufacturing heritage in high regard. With our integrated and highly automated processes in Shannon, Ireland, we ensure consistent quality across all our products. By designing and producing all key components in-house, we maintain our pledge of quality and efficiency.

Quality assurance forms a crucial part of our operations. Each alarm goes through rigorous testing and calibration specific to its intended environment, be it smoke, heat, or carbon monoxide. Along with third-party certifications in our key markets, we promise to deliver products that surpass global standards.

Sustainable Growth Through Continuous Improvement

Smoke Alarms believes in continuous betterment and sustainable growth. Our integrated manufacturing approach, coupled with an ISO 9001 quality management system, provides unmatched flexibility, efficiency, and control across our supply chain. Combined with lean manufacturing principles and a culture of total employee involvement, this approach drives our growth and success.

Our Pledge to You

Smoke Alarms is more than a provider of quality products; we see ourselves as safety partners. We understand the importance of proper usage, installation, and maintenance of our devices and offer accredited training courses and comprehensive customer support. Our commitment extends beyond manufacturing, reaching into understanding and effectively using our products for optimal protection.

At Smoke Alarms Ireland, we comprehend that each home is a sanctuary deserving the highest level of protection. Trust us to guard your home because your safety remains our mission. Together, we can build safer homes and stronger communities.

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